Q: Why don't you show Store XYZ? I mean, they don't have regular hours or a storefront, but they let me pick up my online orders if I call ahead.

A: That's more of an online store that's doing you a favor by letting you pick up. Any business shown on the map (not counting pro services) must meet at least two of the following criteria: a) ABDL-aware and friendly-- this one is not optional; b) walk-ins welcome; c) dedicated showroom space; d) regular business hours.


Q: Will you ever show non-ABDL aware pharmacies or medical supply stores that carry premium medical diapers?

A: No. That would increase the workload of populating and maintaining the map by a factor of several thousand. Besides, the point of this is to show places where we're welcomed with open arms (see previous question).


Q: Why not just go to a crowdsourcing model then?

A: I don't profess to be the final authority on ABDL shops, but I do believe that a curated list makes for a better map in the end. I want to ensure that the data is consistent and reliable.


Q: Why don't you show Mommy XYZ on the map? She's the best and I can tell you exactly where she lives!

A: I don't list pro services without the explicit consent of the practitioner(s). The exactness of the location shown is also the choice of the practitioner. This is for their safety.


Q: Why haven't you posted my suggestion yet?

A: I do all of my kink stuff on one computer that I keep at home unless I'm on an extended trip. I travel for work quite a bit, so it might be two or three days before I get to a request.


Q: Can you add me to the map?

A: Only if you're selling something or offering a service. I might create a separate self-service map where people can add their pins, but I'm not there yet.


Q: Your site looks like shit.

A: That's not a question. I have made a conscious choice not to use templates or website building software as an exercise to relearn HTML. Right now I have some mad mid-90's skillz. I want to improve upon that. Besides, I can point to a few community sites that look worse. Back off, man!


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